There are also modern translations of the Bible and the New Testament. These modern translations have some advantages, but their accuracy should still be established. Therefore, they are not authoritative and universally recognized).

There may be a variety of editions of the Bible, both with table of contents and without them; both with parallel places, and without them; with applications, maps, comments, and without any applications. All these additions are available only for the convenience of using the Bible, but in no way affect its text and its inspiration. Parallel places are a private supplement that is not part of the text of the Bible and is intended to serve only the convenience of the user of the Bible. There are many different sets of parallel links made by different people. Use any of them for reading.

 Scripture can be studied in any form, unless the text itself is distorted. Sometimes people attach a comment to it that misinterprets Scripture itself. Then one can come to error, and not to truth. However, if you study only the text, then there is nothing reprehensible in this. As for the resource you quoted, this is a completely normal electronic Bible, of which there are many. I use another Bible program, but the difference between such programs is that they have different usability and cost. The Bible is always the same for all faiths; therefore, there is no need to be afraid that studying the Bible will somehow harm you.

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