Earth sciences is a complex of sciences which studying the Earth, its natural properties, humanity and the results of its economic activity. In addition, it exercises that explore other planets, given their colonization in the future.

Geology is a science about the Earth, its structure, material composition, motion and history of the earth's crust, the sequence of development of the organic world, education and location of minerals. The knowledge of a specific plot of Land is carried out through observation and description of occurrence of rocks in natural outcrops, quarries, pits, wells and the like. While described and defined the sequence of strata of rocks in the cut and buried in them are the remains of animals and plants, the measured occurrence of the studied material composition of rocks and minerals using all available methods, it appears their relative and absolute geological age.

Recently widely used photography site with the aircraft. The result of such complex studying of separate parts of the earth is called the geological survey, is the construction of geological maps. Geological map of any region – the source of the earth's crust, substances, composition of rocks and minerals, identifying mineral resources.

Modern Geology is closely connected with related Sciences – geography, physics, chemistry, geodesy, the oceanography, biology, botany, astronomy and others. The study of the earth's crust, its materials, structure, surface and deep geological processes that constantly change the face of the Earth, is a complex of scientific disciplines, each of which has peculiar only to her specific research methods. A common technique of many geological studies geological Sciences is the method of actualize, which is the knowledge of the past through the study of the processes of modern development.

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