Antiquity is the era of civilizations of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. The very first milestone in the development of literature is considered literature of the ancient period. Antique literature –is all literary works written by the ancient Greeks and ancient Romans.

Antique literature was written in various dialects of two languages: Latin and Ancient Greek. The literature of Ancient Greece appeared before the literature of Ancient Rome, it could be considered like a kind of starting point of foreign literature. It was on the ancient Greek traditions that ancient Roman and then all European literature relied first. It was ancient literature that set the tone for all future European literature. Writers of European countries later adopted the standards and aesthetic ideals of Antiquity. Until the 19th century, traditions born in the Mediterranean dominated literature.

In the period of Antiquity, three literary families were formed: epic, lyrics and drama. Characteristics of ancient literature: works of ancient literature were based on a system of ancient Greek myths; most of the ancient works were intended to be staged. As well as the poetic form and lack of rhyme, the presence of a clear system of genres and canons, a strong connection with religion, philosophy, morality, aesthetics and politics. Examples of ancient works: «The Iliad» and «Odyssey»by Homer, «Prometheus Chained” by Aeschylus, «Clouds»and «Frog» by Aristophanes, «Metamorphoses»by Ovid, «Medea», «Fedra»by Seneca, «Daphnis and Chloe»by Long.

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