Fantastic fiction read the humanities and technology, workers and employees. Almost everyone is interested in fiction. Especially young people aged 14 to 25 years. Fantastic fiction has occupied a strong position in the world literary process. However, there was a bit of a dismissive attitude to the genre, first, due to serious problems in the style of exciting adventures; second, fantastic is developing faster and faster, so scientific and fantastic predictions and discoveries do not have time for the fantastic research.

Fantastic fiction (gr. Phantastike - the art of present) is 1) kind of literature; 2) method of artistic creation, which is based on unreal, imaginary, magical, natural.

The interest in fiction has risen in the crucial moments of history, the scientific and industrial revolutions, social and spiritual concussion.

The role of fantastic fiction is big, it affects the consciousness of readers, help to feel the earth, to answer for the planet, for the human race, psychologically prepared them to perceive the future of the world. Fantastic fiction has played a large role for science, especially space research. Fantastic - fiction writers announced the release of space, outlined the stages of penetration into the global space and created an extreme situation, which in practice has faced the astronauts. So, join the millions of people to the cosmic worldview, brought the Universe to humankind.

Fiction is a popular kind of fiction. It is divided into science fiction and "fantasy".

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