Nowadays, thanks in large part to film adaptations, the genre of fantasy, the «world of sword and magic”, kings, gnomes and other fantastic creatures has come into our lives: a person has always sought consolation in fairy tales, it was common for him to animate and deify the real world. Strange interests, because outside the 21st century, we all know and we can explain everything. There are so few people who have not read J. Tolkien’s novel The Lord of the Rings. And those who would like to see the continuation of the film made on this novel, more. Fantasy books and films are becoming more popular in the modern world, and more and more of his fans appear every year.

Fantasy is a type of science fiction based on an unusual and sometimes incomprehensible plot assumption. This assumption, as a rule, has no everyday motivations in the text, based on the existence of facts and phenomena that cannot be rationally explained. Unlike science fiction, fantasy can have any number of fantastic assumptions (gods, demons, wizards, animals and objects that can talk, mythological and real creatures, ghosts, vampires, etc.). Events in fantasy occur in conditional reality, in a kind of "parallel" world, similar to ours.

As a separate type of literature, the fantasy genre began to take shape at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The most significant figure of the early period is the British aristocrat Lord Edward Dunsany, author of the collection “The Gods of Pegana”, based on Irish mythology. His field was still the authors. The most famous of them are Robert Howard, Clark Ashton Smith and Philip Lovecraft. The most significant figure of them is Robert Howard, who created the image of the famous warrior, the fearless Conan the barbarian.

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