Psychology (Greek - soul; Greek - knowledge) is a science that studies the behavior and mental processes of people and animals. The psyche is the highest form of the relationship of living beings with the objective world, expressed in their ability to realize their motives and act based on information about him. Through the psyche, a person reflects the laws of the world.

 Thinking, memory, perception, imagination, sensation, emotions, feelings, inclinations, temperament - all these moments are studied by psychology. Nevertheless, the main question remains - what motivates a person, his behavior in a particular situation, what are the processes of his inner world? The range of issues addressed by psychology is wide enough. Therefore, in modern psychology there are a large number of sections: general psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, psychology of religion, etc.

 Other sciences and branches of scientific knowledge (genetics, speech therapy, jurisprudence, anthropology, psychiatry, etc.) penetrate into psychology. Classical psychology is being integrated with Eastern practices. In order to live in harmony with himself and with the world around him, modern man needs to master the basics of psychology.

"Psychology is an expression in words of what cannot be expressed by them," wrote John Galsworthy.

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