It is so nice to feel the warm rays of the sun after a cold and long winter. The sea is always joy, pleasure, relaxation time and one of the most favorite types of relaxation of a modern person. Warm sand and azure waters ... what could be better after the stuffy hugs of the city?

All year round, the sea is unusually beautiful, reflecting the sky in itself; it radiates a kindness that beckons. No wonder people are always drawn to the sea, because one cannot but admire its amazing beauty!

The sea is the eternal theme of world literature. The lives and fates of millions of people have always been associated with it. It has been the subject of the aspirations, hopes and troubles of entire generations. The sea is also used as a background or symbol in thousands of books, songs, stories and other forms of art.

For example, The Old Man and the Sea” by Ernest Miller Hemingway is the most famous and revered work of the American classic and the representative of the “lost generation”. The author received the Nobel Prize for Literature for this story. This compulsory work since school time reveals the essence of human nature. The protagonist of the story proves by his example that a person is alive until broken.

However, where we can find quality books about the sea? Literature recognized by critics and readers, we have collected in this category on our site. Below, you will find a list and description of the best works on the marine theme.

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