What is health? How to imagine it? There are many definitions - from the children's “Health is when nothing hurts” to the scientific one formulated by the World Health Organization: “Health is not only the absence of illness and weakness, but a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being”.

For most people, health is a normal condition that we usually do not recognize or pay attention to, as we do not think about our breathing, or how our heart beats. Someone wisely said: "The feeling of health is acquired only after a disease."The “invisibility” of his can cause a thoughtless attitude to his own health, which is fatal to many.

Fitness is one of the popular areas in sports, the essence of which is to perform exercises aimed at improving and maintaining physical fitness. There are many trends in fitness for women and men: Pilates and step aerobics, water aerobics and belly dance, pole dance, stretching and more. This allows you to choose a set of exercises that are most appropriate for age, gender and physical fitness.

Fitness is an active, healthy lifestyle. Fitness harmoniously combines sports, perfect physical fitness, balance emotional state and proper nutrition.

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