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Alice Muriel Williamson
Alice Muriel Williamson (1869 - September 24, 1933) was a British novelist.Born Alice Muriel Livingston, she married Charles Norris Williamson (1859–1920) in 1894 and many of her books were jointly written with her husband. After her marriage she introduced herself as Mrs. C.N.Williamson. A number of their novels cover the early days of motoring and can also be read as travelogues.Under the pseydonym Alice Stuyvesant she wrote "The Hidden House" serialised in The Cavalier December 13, December 20, December 27, 1913, and January 3, January 10, 1914.Alice apparently said of her husband "Charlie Williamson could do anything in the world except write stories": she said of herself "I can't do anything else." She continued to write after her husband's death in 1920.

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